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Bar-Café in Chios Island's Port (2008)
Bar design

The Bar-Café is housed in a long high-ceiling 85 m² space at the port of Chios.
The room is blind in two elongate sides and has large openings on the front side to the quay while it has access to the circumferential road at the back.

The bench of the bar along with all the additional and storage spaces is positioned at an angle to the long side, leaving a large space to the entrance for the costumers. The back end of the room features the toilets and a kitchenette. The central area is high-ceiling while the additional spaces in the back end contain a mezzanine. The part of the mezzanine above the bar bench hosts the dj.

The design aims to highlight the facade and create an impressive central space. The developing angle of the bench of the bar emphasizes the great arch openings and creates the impression of greater space. A construction of permanent seating surrounds the perimeter area. Light emits from the ceiling in the form of Plexiglas “light drops”. The deep red color theme offers intimacy and intensity.