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"Smart Decks" Proposal for the One Prize 2014 Competition (2014)

"Flow of life" Awarded project (honorable mention) for the Spiretec Competition in New Delhi (2011)

1st International Prize in tne interior design competition SUITE D` AUTORE (minimal room) (2009)
Hotel Design, Palermo

House in Agia Paraskevi in Athens (2009)
A new 3 store residence in Athens

Reconstruction of the 6th Medical Center in Athens(2009)
Reconstruction of a 3 store building into a medical center

Reconstruction of the 1st Medical Center in Athens (2009)
Reconstruction of a 3 store building into a medical center

Reconstruction of a neoclassical building in Chalkida (2008)
Conversion of a neoclassical building into o multifunctional space
3rd Primary School, Chalkida

Peace Pentagon Competition: a call to action(2009)
Reconstruction of a 3 store building into a public functions center
339 Lafayette st., Manhattan

Competition for a standard type of eco-house in Greece (2008)
Standard type of eco-house

Interior and Exterior design of a country house in Amarynthos, Evia (2008)
Redesigning spaces of a country house

Bar-Café design in Chios island (2008)
Bar design

Apartment reconstruction in Exarchia area, Athens (2007)
Reconstruction of an 85 sq.m. apartment

Urban Competition New York 2007. Tower Museum in Manhattan (2007) - Design of a Tower Museum

Competition for the design of the “Heroon Square” in Elefsina (2007)
Square landscaping

Competition for the new Town Hall of Arkalohori, Crete (2007)
Town Hall in Arkalohori, a small town in the island of Crete
Arkalohori, Crete

Design of 40 School Libraries (2007)
Region of Attica

Small chapel in Argos (2007)
Rural chapel

eVolo 06 Skyscraper International Competition (2006)
A proposal for a “Multiskyscraper” : The West Athens Towers
Athens , Greece

Design of 37 School Libraries (2006)
Region of Sterea Ellada

Department of Maritime and Business Studies in Chios island (2005)
New buildings for the maritime department of the Aegean University

Maritime Research Institute (2005)
Renovation of industrial buildings in a new University Institute
Island of Chios , Greece

House in Exarcheia Area (2004)
An office renovation and addition
Athens, Greece

A. Spyrakis edifice in Piraeus (2004)
Restoration of a 5storey neoclasic building in Piraeus port
Piraeus, Greece

Nursery at Papagou Area (2003)
A three-storey nursery building
Papagou-Athens , Greece

University campus master plan at Chios island (2003)
A master planing guidelines for the development of the new campus of the Aegean University
Chios island, Greece

UIA International Competition “Celebration of cities” (2003)
A proposal for “Cities on the land”
Case study: Athens, Greece

House in Petralona Area (2003)
A residential renovation and addition
Athens, Greece

Metaichmio Editions Office Building (2002-2005)
An eight-storey office building in the center of Athens
Athens, Greece

Family Tomb in Peristeri Area (2002)
A family tomb project
Peristeri-Athens, Greece

Competition for a Lighthouse (2001)
A proposal for a Lighthouse at the Volos port
Volos, Greece

Rethymno School Complex (2000)
A 20,000 sq.m. school complex (from kindergarten to Senior High School) at the University Campus of Rethymno
Rethymno, Greece

Residence (3) in Sounio (2000)
A new residence
Sounio, Greece

Ecological HouseCompetition (1999)
A proposal for an Ecological House
Athens, Greece

“Ialysos” Project. Study for the layout and furnishing of 42 School Libraries on the islands of Aegean (1999)
Proposal for the layout of School Libraries
Aegean Islands

Layout of 30 Laboratories (of physics, informatics and technology) in High schools of Athens (1999)
Proposal for the layout of School Laboratories

Layout of 15 study-rooms in schools in Achaia and Ileia (1999)
Proposal for the layout of reading rooms and classrooms
Region of Achaia and Ileia

Europan 5 Competition (1998)
An urban space with traffic routes and housing
Amaroussion-Athens, Greece

Residence in Gerakas (1998)
3 private residences
Gerakas-Athens, Greece

Residence (2) in Sounio (1998)
A new residence
Sounio, Greece

Residence (1) in Sounio (1997)
A new residence
Sounio, Greece

Patras Pier Competition (1997)
An urban entertainment area
Patras, Greece

N. Smyrni Residential Building (1997)
A six-storey residential building
N. Smyrni-Athens, Greece

Europan 4 Competition (1996)
A music and musical technology park
Patras, Greece

Residence in Malakasa (1996)
A new residence
Malakasa, Greece

“Majestic” Hotel in Santorini (1996-2004)
A 110 beds luxury hotel
Fira-Santorini, Greece

TSMEDE Office Building Competition (1995)
A seven-storey office building in the center of Athens
Athens , Greece

Drakou st. Music Hall and Sound Studio (1995)
A conversion of a neoclassical building
Athens, Greece

Imerovigli Studios (1994-2001)
A complex of 12 luxury vacation studios
Imerovigli-Santorini, Greece

Akrotiri Studios (1994)
Acomplexof 8 luxuryvacationstudios
Akrotiri-Santorini, Greece

Mesa Gonia shops building (1993)
A new two-storey shops building
Mesa Gonia-Santorini, Greece

Competition to revive the traditional settlement of Anavatos, Chios (1993)
Proposal for the revival of a traditional settlement
Anavatos village, Island of Chios

Three-family house in Amfiali (1993)
New three-storey apartment building
Amfiali, Piraeus

Shops building in Akrotiri Santorini (1992-1993)
Newtwo-storey shops building
Akrotiri, Santorini

House in Prosilio Messina (1991-1993)
A new vacation house
Prosilio, Messina, Greece

Addition of one floor to a residence in Rhodes (1989-1992)
Addition of a 2nd floor