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Competition for a Lighthouse (2001)
A proposal for a Lighthouse at the Volos port
Volos, Greece

The lighthouse in the Port is a Seashell – Lighthouse. It is a construction, which form with its helicoidal development refers to the threads of a seashell. However, its possible that the Lighthouse can be perceived not only as a Lighthouse in the form of a shell, but also as a giant seashell that emerged from the sea, and became a Lighthouse, a Seashell – Lighthouse. The idea of the Synthesis is based on the union of these two types:
The first, (lighthouse), that concerns artificial structures which rise up with a slightly conical form,
And the second, (seashell), that concerns natural geometrical forms, which have been crystallized into different types of oyster shells.

The similarities between the two “structural” types, the artificial (lighthouse) and the natural (seashell), are met in multiple levels…
It’s a matter of two forms, immediately connected with the sea environment, and more precisely with the seafront. There, at the sea front, the waves hit against the rocks or the dikes, at the end of which lays the Lighthouse, a human construction. On the other hand, the waves at the end of their route, settle oyster shells on the seashore. Therefore, on this coastline limit, where the sea meets the land in an act of tension, a construction is suggested, which belongs to both elements:
A lighthouse that would want to be a seashell, so it doesn’t entirely belong to the land,
And a seashell that has been found hooked on the land, therefore no longer belongs exclusively to the sea.