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The Ribbon-Tower

International Competition New York 2007. Tower Museum in Manhattan (2007)
Skyscraper design

New York


The new Tower-Museum “The Ribbon-Tower” arises from the complex and dynamic traveling of structural ribbons. The sum of these ribbons symbolizes the multicultural character of 21st century New York City. The multicolored ribbons represent the different cultural worlds of the immigrants arriving to NYC, who are aspired of integrating into the American society. These ribbons, colorful and chaotic on the top converge and in geometrical progression descend becoming one white ribbon-a monumental staircase to the end level of the pier. In this context, the unified ribbon has successfully become part of the New York soil.

“The Ribbon-Tower”, as an architectural monument, emphasizes the multi-provenance and multi-colorfulness of the city's immigrants in the context of the melting pot character of NYC. The final white ribbon, which is the sum of all the colors, enriches the city's culture by its diffusion via the multi-colored awning of the Tower's main entrance as a series of wave shapes.