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Imerovigli Studios or Filotera Villas (1994-2001)
A complex of 12 luxury vacation studios (with the architect Zisis Kotionis)
Imerovigli-Santorini, Greece

Projectís name: 12 luxurious vacation houses in Santorini island
Architects: Manolis Anastasakis, Zisis Kotionis
Location: Imerovigli in Santorini island, Greece
Completion date: 2003
Surface area: 45 m2 for each house

This unit of these two small identical vacation houses in Santorini island, is part of a complex of 8 residences located right on the edge of the islandís water filled caldera. They all offer an excellent view to the west, overlooking the sea and the volcanic craters.

The floor plan of the two houses is developed in ĎVí shape that allows the formation of small communal yards both at the front and the back side of the houses, while the secondary uses (WC and kitchenette) are positioned at their convergence point. At the same time, larger and more private yards are created for both houses further from one another. These private yards are covered with pergolas whose general plan has the shape of open wings. Their design is integrated into the general design of the houses, making it even more dynamic.

Both housesí doors face their private yards, providing more independence to their users; the rest surrounding space of the houses is extended beyond their yards to the west where a communal swimming pool is placed. To the east, due to the intense inclination of the land, there is a second lower level of independent residences.

The main areas of both houses (living room and bedroom) are covered with dome-shaped roofs in accordance with the typical traditional architecture of Santorini.

The outer shell is colour coated while the interior follows simple design as the local tradition dictates.