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Gold prize in the “2011 Public Design Competition” in Seoul (2011)
Public equipment design

The international Design Competition  «2011 Public Design Competition” was announced by The Seoul Metropolitan Government with the support of UNESCO.  The goal of the competition was to gather proposals of various public urban elements as an effort to make Seoul – an UNESCO’s City of Design - an attractive place to visit, work, live and invest.

Leaf bench: ginkgo leaves in the city

The “leaf bench” embodies the natural (ginkgo tree) and cultural (tree of life, unity of opposites) history offering Seoul a new stylish urban unit. It becomes an element of the city’s public equipment referring allusively to the form of a ginkgo tree leaf. This connection between the form of the bench and its location make it a unique and iconic element for Seoul.

A variety of available trims highlights the fluidity of the form. The available choices of different materials of construction for different areas of the city help it blend in without losing its design identity.

Proposed construction materials, in a variety of colors, are perforated stainless steel sheets, fiber reinforced concrete, high grade polycarbonate and bamboo plywood.

The proposed colors are based on the 10 Seoul Representative Colors with the addition of natural bamboo finish.