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"Smart Decks"

Proposal for the One Prize 2014 Competition (2014)

ONE Lab was seeking design proposals for the Smart Dock that are both symbolic and buildable. The design should symbolize the ideas and values of ONE Lab: Interdisciplinary learning, studio-based design, collaborative space, DIY making, hacking. The Smart Dock should address the future of learning environments that inflects the trajectory of experimental design schools into the new spaces of socio-ecological design in times of climate change.
Our proposal of Smart Dock’s educational space is shaped by a concept of “Smart Decks” that makes use of moveable platforms in all levels to create vibrant, flexible and multi-uses spaces. The platforms/decks refer to a ship’s decks and are projected to the building’s interior.
These 4 functional deck-boxes form the visual reference of the ONE Lab Smart Dock Area. The smart deck-boxes increase the interior space and could be either closed or opened depending on the needs of the users. They are projected in a dynamic and attractive way.
The facades of the decks are vertically retractable “screen windows” that show information about the program and the events.The 3rd floor is designed to host events and exhibitions: the moveable platforms are transformed either to create a flat level or to form 3 different levels by creating an amphitheatrical space for presentations. Furthermore, a variety of spatial configuration is possible. The mezzanine is dedicated for office space and the 4th floor is used for studio and workspace. The south staircase B leads to an observation deck


Konstantina Kypriou, Nikos Spyrou