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"Flow of life" Awarded project (honorable mention) for the Spiretec Competition in New Delhi

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Large building compounds are usually planned around specific units scattered along the plot. In our concept, land, open spaces and build are equally important and their single conception and expression can produce a successful design. Our proposal relies on two major landscape components that generate the Master Plan.
We propose the introduction of the neighboring water element in the form of a water channel at the “heart” of the site. Two esplanades develop along each side of the water channel 7.20m above the ground. These two main compositional elements offer with clarity a rich architectural space to a multitude of public areas: terraces, decks, walkways, steps, open air theatre, semi-covered spaces etc.
All spaces and both banks of the channel are unified by a structural ribbon crossing through the land from side to side. This ribbon is transmuted along its way to roof cover, shelter, cover for paths, bridge and building skin. In this design proposal the liquidity of the water became a solid organizational element and the materiality of the ribbon turned to a fluid and transitional space structure. The everyday life flows with them.
The textile spatial structure and form of the proposed ribbon produces composite but flexible and dynamic spaces and embodies basic principles of a sustainable and bio-climatic design while forming a building envelope interactive with the sun and the wind.
The materials used for the ribbon can be from conventional steel wires to high-performance fabrics such as synthetic and carbon fibres. The choice of materials throughout the entire project is guided by the intention of using local building knowledge resources and materials for the base of the structure (local stone and wood) while introducing new materials and technological advanced solutions along the vertical development all the way to the residences and hotel rooftops.